Thursday 3 September 2015

The Stairs


I have been puzzled, why can't people I speak to understand what I am explaining, most of the time?

Last month, a coworker came to me and told me, "Hey, I used to not understand why do I need to write up so many reports to you. Now at this level, I finally understood that it is required to be recorded as a form of protection should an error occur. Thanks for the good work!"

Ironically, this took her a year to understand such a simple work necessity.

I have tried, many times to explain myself but to no avail. Not many people could understand my point. I have doubted myself at times and started to feel alienated at times.

An incident occurred today when I wanted to go to a bank. While I was in the area, there was a left route which is long but could clearly lead me to my destination; there was also a right route which showed that it could need more of my energy to "climb" but could get me to my destination much faster. I chose the left route, completed my chore and while I came out from the bank, I saw the initial right route being the easier, faster and shorter way.

Then I understood this, while we climb a stairs, we are at the lower ground, we are unsure what is waiting for us at the higher level so we assume we know it and we tend to take the seemingly easier route. However, once we are at the higher ground, we are visible to all the possible routes.

While one is climbing a stairs, we ought to assume. Some whom have walked the stairs may have advised us but we chose not to listen because we thought what we knew was everything what the adviser no longer knew. We thought we can outsmart people whom have walked it out. We chose to take the seemingly easier and visible way.

We do not know what we do not know until we take the unknown road. I could climb 1000 stairs but before I reach the top, I would not know what is waiting for me. So why spend time to explain to people whom is looking from down the stairs but not walk the stairs?

Walk it out to be different.

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