Monday, 29 April 2019

Advengers: Endgame - What does it mean?

Watching Advengers: Endgame created a new scenery in the whole Social Media. It all started 11 years ago and it changed everyone that was involved.

My personal favourite has been Iron Man - Tony Stark. Not because he is a genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist but the sincerity, dedication and commitment the actor Robert Downey Jr. have demonstrated in the movie series.

An actor can only be at his best to touch the audience when he is the character he acted. He gave in his heart and soul to be the character best and that was also the character that defined him as an actor.

It was the time he decided to change his life that his life became different.
It was the time he decided to stay drug free and alcohol free that he became different.
It was the time he decided to be a good husband, a good actor and just himself that made him different.
It was the time he decided to let time be the best judge to witness the change progress that have made him different.

We all have struggles, we all have past but what we think and do is what made us different.

Celebrities and sport stars are people we look up to, not because they are living a glamorous life. They are looked up upon because of their willingness to sacrifice, their dedication to their life goal, their focus on the endgame and their persistence in coping with difficulties incurred.

Will your endgame be a new start or just the endgame?

Monday, 15 April 2019

Why do I need to be fit?

Isn't it an interesting topic that baffles many? 

Some feels that we should not lose weight because it is body shaming to do so when others say that while mos of us may have funny reasons to do some, following are a compilation of reasons I have encountered from people whom wanted to lose weight and have successfully lost weight's reasons:

1) Higher chance to survive during disaster
One of my trainee absolutely believes that if he is fitter, he can run faster during a disaster hence being fitter can let him have higher chance to survive! 

2) Look good in photo
One of the trainee was struggling with low self esteem as she had a hard time looking at those weight gained while she gotten sick and couldn't exercise. With that, she hated herself in photos so she took charge and lost whopping 26kgs just so she can look thinner in the photo any of her friends or family snapped πŸ“Έ

3) Lesser time spent for good photos
Another interesting trainer got tired of editing his photo to look good so that he can tell interesting stories when he is 90, got fitter so that he won't need to spend hours for good photos! (Well, who want to look bad in their memories right?) 
4) Fit in the wanted
One lady spent hundred on clothes πŸ‘™πŸ‘—πŸ’₯ that she couldn't fit in and was laughed at by her husband, she ended up losing weight, got fitter and spent even more on clothes! (For a great reason!) 

5) Glamorous!! The need to have the body people envy so one can be the glam have become a social norm, the great news of wanting to be fit to be glamourous is so much healthier than wanting to be going through knives or technology to be glamorous! I would at least thank Avengers for sending the right messages!!

6) Physically Fit
One of the lady trainee was often down with fever, flu and cough, she got fed up of medicine so decided to take a turn on fitness by changing her food diet first then added on exercise. 

She just wanted to do what she was passionate about, going out with others without worrying on what to not be eaten to avoid cough, flu or fever. Nowadays, she just use portion control to enjoy everything she loved! 
With people losing weight and some still ponder on "why can't I lose weight?" 
A. No time
B. Don't know what to do or where to start
C. Body reflect too slowly (😏lazy)
D. Actual procrastination
E. Any reason to not lose weight now.. 

One just need 1 reason to move or 1 reason to not move, whatever the reason is, you are right. Only your reason can determine your persistency towards the outcome.

Clock is ticking, if we don't start to enjoy now, when will we?!