Monday, 4 March 2019

#1 - The New Beginning

6th June 2016, reporting to new work was extremely uneasy. There was irregular restructuring in the company and she is currently replacing a precedent that did terribly at work, Forest Mulatto was anxious and nervous.

10 minutes at the new workplace, Forest's hiring manager Hugh asked to guess who is the person wearing an wrinkled light blue shirt with a wrinkled pants, waiting with her at the reception.

"My new manager?", Forest said it with a wide smile.

"Yes you guessed it right. He is your new manager, Brown and this is my last month here.", said Hugh.

"O-M-G!? Seriously? I was joking, tell me you are joking too!" Forest's smile instantly turned into frown.

"I am sorry I have to only inform you today, I didn't want you to be freaked out so I chose to inform you now. I actually decided to resign 1 week ago, I just couldn't take the toll on my health anymore. I have been having terrible knee ache after working here. The consultants are driving me crazy, I didn't inform you earlier because I know you will do well here.", Hugh explains his reasons of leaving.

"Alright so what do I do now?", asked Forest.

"First, lets understand how the organization structure works. We were acquired by an investment firm some time ago, the firm's consultants have their expectations and whatever our decision is, it is never good enough so be ready to live with it. There is one particular consultant which is the main reason I am leaving - Fox Lee. You need to be extremely careful with him or you will get into 'political' trouble." Hugh said it with frowning eyebrows and tearful eyes.

"Fox Lee, alright I will remember that. Can you tell me what I should get myself started with?", Forest anxiously asked while reminding herself to be mindful of Fox Lee.

"We need reports to be ready for a monthly review meeting and you need to get started now.", urged Hugh. "I will start my job transition with Brown and I shall keep you in the loop."

1 hour later, Fox Lee called for a meeting that clashed with the induction training for Forest and Brown, it was within expectation that this will happen because Hugh have warned Forest on such occasions and that she will need to find time to pass her induction training while not fully attend the training.

Fox Lee in his early thirties, looked rather handsome with black hair, light dark circles, wearing light blue body fit shirt that showed his lean muscles, wearing black nicely ironed pants and black leather shoes and matching belt.

'So this is the person whom I need to be mindful of.' Forest repeatedly reminded herself in the meeting.

Fox Lee started sketching on the white board sharing on the expectations not met, reports to be prepared, processes to be prepared and Brown seems to know it all. Forest started to look forward working with Brown.. and Fox Lee.

1 week later, Forest was ready with her first report. Since she is now required to report to 4 bosses, Hugh, Brown, Brown's boss Star and Fox Lee, she sent her report to all of them and Fox Lee responded to the email, "I don't think this is how it should be done, It is not wrong but it can be better. Let's meet to discuss further." It was replied to only Forest.

"Hugh, he only replied to me!" Forest worriedly asked Hugh because Brown was nowhere to be seen.

"Go and see him yourself and let me know what he have to say." Hugh directed.

Forest's first personal meet up with Fox Lee is about to happen and she is determined to not let him put her out of job like what he did to Hugh.

Friday, 1 March 2019

What should I do?

Have you ever wonder what do you want to do in or meant to accomplished in this life?

I wonder about it all the time, I think about it all the time and I have drafted numerous proposals to push myself to go further and do something, anything! I listed pros and cons about what I wanted and needed, map out the possible consequences on each route to be taken. Checklist of making things happen but nothing seems to work out so far... Because plan is just a dream without action.

While I've been trying to figure myself out, there has been many, too many opportunities approaching me. So many people showing so many presentations, people coming out with some amusing and some confusing financial plans, some forwarding articles of good stuff, suggestions of new products, impressive marketing plans. There is just one too many choices to be choose.

I am uncertained.

Should I continue with my apprenticeship of working with a capable leader that constantly gives me new challenges and new free appreciation (no promotion but have minimal increment) .

Should I go with one of it for the money?

Should I put my life together and work it out piece by piece, slowly?

Should I just be happy and forgo everything then just live a usual life?

Should I just flush all the thoughts into the toilet bowl and do the thing I felt?

I don't have the answer yet. What about you?

Thursday, 28 February 2019

Growing Up

I seriously have no idea what was I thinking. Slept at 7am, woke up at 10am to make a call to reschedule my IPL treatment to 5pm then appear there at 4.15pm. Did it earlier and ran (yes I ran!) on a train to the airport.

I was stinking sweat then; supposingly feel frustrated but I felt satisfied, I did not think twice. I was going to meet my sister and her sons whom is flying overseas, to which the next time we meet is undefined.

Over the years, I became gradually careful of my options and decisions at all times. People said it is called growing up, I think it I called normalizing ones' creativity, it is somehow consuming me at the same time. I felt like a right brainer turning into a left brainer and slowly going to be a no brainer.

I can feel the sense of losing myself to the norm of the society especially to do something adhocly has become a choice.

If this is growing up, why was I not warned?
If this is growing up, is creativity the only thing I will be giving up on?
If this is growing up, have I lost more than just my spontaneity and have not realized it?
If this is growing up, will I fail to know myself soon?

I don't have an answer, will I ever have an answer? I really wish I can screw work, buy a ticket, fly anywhere now, think it through there then decide the next step. Well since tomorrow is a working day, I am not getting on a last minute flight anywhere.

Return ticket to my work is the only available option right now. Do you feel the same?

Sunday, 24 February 2019

The Right Person

Do you know who is the right person for you in your life?

I used to think that I will not find the right person for me in my life and I have been struggling to feel happy and secured.

Maybe it is age factor or maybe because I have been through a lot hence recently I felt that finding the right person is not finding the person you want but it's about finding the person that can let you become the person you should be becoming, making me more of the person that will love life, becoming the person that enjoy life, becoming the person that will feel satisfied and will never ever hate being alive.

I met (and left) this guy whom I was with for 5 years, someone I wanted to have in my life. He treated me well in the first few months then he became really controlling until an extend he beat me and kept me in the house for 2 years. I couldn't explain why I sucked it up back then but I eventually came to my conscience and worked my way out of his sight. I was kept away from his family for 5 years, earned and spent all my money, took up bank loans on his behalf, lost all my savings, got trouble in my first business attempt and I couldn't work because he regularly came to harass me at my work place.

I wouldn't thank him for who I am today because with or without him, I would live another day without scar on my body, heart and mind. Everything happened for a reason and I am grateful I lived that through.

On another occasion, I am currently dating a guy whom I never thought I would be with. He was boring (now not that boring), blunt and most of the time seemed cold to me. Me being a talkative, outgoing and passionate person, we didn't connect quite well. There were numerous ups and downs but he sticked around really tightly, we grew together.

What made me really sure about him being in my life for the longest of time is the fact that he loves my family and his family the same way, although we are still just dating. He cares for my sister and mother's well being without being asked. He constantly reminds me of going back to home and let me be myself.

He used to piss me of by trying to talk me into his way but upon confrontation of the situation, he respect my choice and I learned to respect his choice too.

A side note, he used to be very calculative about money, I was a person whom don't think when I spend (I am not in debt); we changed. He taught me how to save and I taught him how to spend well, I can say that we have stable financial now because we were so different in handling our financial thus benefited us by being balanced! This will be shared on how in another post.

The point I wish to say is that, it don't really matter who you want to have in your life but the person you need in your life, to be a better version of you. I am thankful and grateful to be able to meet this loyal person  whom have made me a better person along the way.

Are you currently seeing the person you never thought you wanted but just happened to be the one that you need?

Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Lost and Found

I have been relatively lost recently, figuring out the next step of my life. I have tried talking to many people but none really can tell me what I should be doing next.

I have been planning many times for long time, thinking during sleepless nights and counting those abstract analysis in order to gauge my next time. 

I love life, I embrace my life and I have been living the 10 years plan I have set. Having it achieved worries me.

I fear I may not know what to do next in life;
I fear I will not have something new to look forward to;
I fear being a nobody at the end of my life in this world;
I fear of being not enough as a daughter, sister, aunt, friend or worker;
I fear the most of being not good enough as a world growth contributor.

What if I have done not enough today to be a better me than yesterday?

I see many people have been doing it their way or the way they wanted me to see it as. When can I be like that?

Little did I know that a gathering I have consistently missed in the last 10 years would bring difference to my life, thoughts and my whereabouts. 

My primary classmates, were people whom I genuinely missed because of how they make me feel when I am around them. They don't judge me, is always subjective and have always let me feel welcomed in the group, although I have missed almost 100% of the gathering in the last 10 years.

They did not judge me.
They were eye openers to me.
They have inspired me to be myself.
They remind me not to rush the clock because of someone else.
They are all diligent people working in their field of expertise.
They have reminded me that I should look out of my desk to be different.

I am grateful and thankful that this bunch of people actually look forward to having a gathering every year, having the effort to make it to the gatherings. I will do my best to attend all the gatherings in future because I know I will be inspired even more.

Wednesday, 16 January 2019








Wednesday, 10 October 2018

How much does it cost to keep a memory?

A place I wish to keep in my life, has been sold.

This is the place that I have stayed during my high school time, the place that witness my first love, first time being away from home, first time going on a date, first time raring my own rabbit, first time raring my own fish, first time taking care of an elderly, first time prayed until I cried, the place I spent the most time with an elderly and learned that no matter what happens in life, always look at it differently because everything changes every second.

I received a message informing that the place I grew up in, has been officially sold at the tag price of near to 4 million Ringgits. I do not own it, neither did my direct family have any ownership towards it but it has been sold and it will highly be turned into a commercialized venue since it is situated in the centre of attention in one of the most well known heritage in Malaysia.

Do you know what makes it hurtful?

I have been working really hard for 10 years with the purpose of having to be able to have the capital to keep my memories and buy thing I always wanted to keep. This time round, I couldn't do it because it is too costly, something that I cannot afford.

Making the feeling worse, it was purchased by my former schoolmates whom were at least 1 year younger than me, 4 of them. I wonder what did they do to be able to buy the property so quickly since they graduated much later than me.

It is definitely a mixed feelings because I cannot afford it while those graduated after me can. (Note: I didn't go to university hence started working 4 years earlier than them)

I know many would think that it could be that they are rich or made a fortune or probably struck a lottery to afford it. Have a thought at it, they afford something I couldn't, what is my excuse to still be status quo?